The UK Retail Challenge  

Which of these retailers has the best User Experience?


The latest UNGUESS Challenge

We evaluated users' user experience while buying sweaters and sweatshirts in the run-up to winter with a specific budget between £80 and £100.

We then looked at how they approached each stage of the journey (browsing, use of categories, product choice and product presentation, add to cart, cart management, checkout).

Finally we asked them:

  • how easy to use they found the website to be
  • whether they would recommend it to others
  • how confident they were in achieving the task goal
  • whether they thought the site info was accurate
  • whether they thought the site design was appropriate and consistent 
UK Retailers Grafici (1) 1

What will you learn: 

  • How to create the best buying experiences for your users

  • Which characteristics a retailer need to become its users' favourite

  • Which UK retailer has the best User Experience between Debenhams, TKmaxx, NEXT, JD, John Lewis, George, and Marks&Spencer 

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