Customer Journey Benchmarking: The healthcare challenge

7 Italian health centers compared

Learn how customers select health centers and what are the main painpoints of the process

UNGUESS unleashed the power of its crowd for a research on the customer journeys of health centers in Italy. 

Read the research to discover the customer journey benchmark of 7 Italian health centers thanks to the innovative methodology of UNGUESS. 

In this reaserch you'll learn: 

  • why customer chose one health center over the others
  • which health centers offer the best booking and cancellation processes and why
  • recommendations for improvement

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“The UNGUESS team is made of CX, VoC and market research experts. I can pick up the phone and have the right survey created and launched within a few hours. In a few days, they created a community among our clients and set easy connections to provide Sky with valuable customer insights in a way that is incredibly lean and fast.”

“The collaboration with UNGUESS has allowed us to have a large user base in a very concentrated time, thus obtaining very useful feedback to be integrated into the title in development.”

“Unguess was chosen because of its extreme flexibility and ability to organise groups of testers at very short notice. In addition, it guarantees extremely precise and high-quality reporting, which is certainly useful in the final phase of the platform's development.”