Be sure to plan ahead to get maximum test coverage

Discover on what devices and browsers should you be testing your mobile and web applications to create the best possible experiences for your users. 

In this guide, we've merged Perfecto Research insights with current market data to provide a benchmark of devices, web browsers, and user conditions to test on to help you test smarter from the start.

Download our white paper to discover how to: 

  • Guarantee continuous and effective testing of the technologies adopted in the company
  • Minimize the possibility of malfunctions of the company's products and solutions
  • Guarantee a quality user experience to users of the digital products and services offered

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Technology, People and Methodology. All in one.

UNGUESS’s effectiveness comes from a unique combination of three powerhouses: our technology, our people and our proven methodology. This unique blend enables us to provide real insights – sourced from real humans – that allow you to test, monitor and improve your products, solutions, services, and experiences.

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“The collaboration with UNGUESS has allowed us to have a large user base in a very concentrated time, thus obtaining very useful feedback to be integrated into the title in development.”