The New Way of Understanding the Customer Journey Benchmarking

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What will you learn: 

  • The centrality of the customer journey as one of the main tools of CX Management.

  • Customer Journey Benchmarking: comparing one's CJ with that of competitors.

  • A practical example: the results of the competitive comparison between 7 Italian hospital companies

  • How to build a CJ benchmarking with the involvement of the customer base

Who lead this research?

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Why should you read it?

Discover a new method for mapping the customer journey that takes into account the comparison of competitors' maps

Learn from a real case involving 7 Italian medical centers (San Donato Group, GVM, Servisan, MultiMedica, Istituto Auxologico Italiano, Humanitas, SYNLAB)

Receive insights from experts in the field of customer experience research 

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