First Click Test on 6 major Swiss Banks

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Learn how to improve your conversion rate through our innovative UX research

The User Experience is a fundamental aspect to increase the conversion rate on your website or eCommerce.

Instead of using trial and error to interpret quantitative data, take the guesswork out of your decision-making process and learn how to ask your users directly

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The Case Study: 

A UX Researcher and 52 users from the UNGUESS's community answered the question. Find out which websites are the best performing of six major Swiss banks: Migros Bank, UBS, Credit Suisse, neon Bank, PostFinance and Raiffeisen Bank

Learn how to:

  • Minimize the possibility of malfunctions of your company's products and solutions
  • Put users and consumer at the center of your business
  • Guarantee a quality user experience to users of your digital products and services
  • Improve the conversion rate of customers in the purchase or registration processes

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