The state of digitalization of European tourism

The Destinations' Challenge

Are you ready to deliver an effective, "future-ready" digital experience?

The effects of the pandemic have indiscriminately affected economies around the world, and as a result, the way people travel has also undergone major changes. In 2020, tourism businesses experienced revenue drop by between 60% and 95%. Hospitality, transportation, and tourist attractions experienced a year of "survival," especially taking advantage of the opportunities offered by proximity tourism.

Overall, we are seeing a change in the travel behavior and decision-making factors of Europeans. 

But are we ready to deal with these new demands?

In collaboration with Osservatori Digital Innovation, we took 17 destination websites and called Crowd to find the answer.

With this research we reveal the need to start from the base of user experience design of the first point of contact that a traveler, especially a foreigner, uses to decide on a destination: the website. 

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