The State of Digitalisation in Italy vs Spain

How many clicks does it take to buy a dress in Italy and Spain?

In recent times, consumer expectations of eCommerce sites have not only increased but are evolving towards the personalisation of offers, which should no longer be an infinite scroll (Fortune). That's why we launched one of our now famous Click Challenges: "How many clicks does it take to buy a dress?"

Spanish and Italian users from our community rated 10 Italian luxury eCommerce sites and 10 Spanish fast fashion eCommerce sites.

You will find out:

  • How reliable are the 20 eCommerce sites perceived by the users? 

  • Is there really a difference between usability on an luxury eCommerce and a fast fashion one? 

  • How are the design, usability and  information presented perceived?

  • Are users satisfied?

  • How much effort did it take to complete a purchase?
  • Would users recommend the sites to family and friends?
  • Were personal shoppers useful?

Our community gave us the answer.

Download the PDF to find out how the 20 brands performed >>


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