The design of a mobile Pos Nexi with user research

mockup mPOS_desktop (1)-1

Do you know that even the simplest interactions alone can determine the success or failure of a product?

UNGUESS and Ergoproject involved the TRYBER Crowd for a test on Nexi's mobile Pos. The high-level objective received by NEXI was to evaluate, through a usability test with users, the "in use" performance of the POS mobile keyboard with respect to:

  • entering amount;
  • visibility and use of the CTA "00";
  • comprehensibility of summation operations;
  • visibility of the CTA to cancel;
  • perception haptic feedback.

To operationally decline this request, a working group was formed that combined the operational efficiency in the management of UNGUESS recruitments with the technical-methodological experience of Ergoproject's UX Researchers.

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