Crowdtesting and Test Automation for billing process transformation at Growens


Discover our success story with Growens and find out how testing automation and crowdtesting can help transform your company processes

Discover how we supported Growens, a multinational tech company (with brands like Beefree and Agile Telecom), in migrating their billing system, ensuring service continuity for end-users through a combination of Test Automation and Crowdtesting.

Key elements of the case study:

  • ✅ 150 Real Users, 250+ Device & OS Combinations Tested
  • ✅ Over 500 Bug Reports Gathered Before Production
  • ✅ 30% Reduction in Estimated Development Time
  • ✅ Boosting UAT & Functional Verification 📈
  • ✅ A Paradigm Shift in Quality Assurance & User Experience 🌐

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