The alternative method to guarantee it, lowering costs and development time

How to decrease time to market and cost of releases

Did you know that in app development 60 to 80% of the cost goes to bug fixing? A huge amount! (Source: Carnegie Mellon University) 

Not to mention that a bug is the worst killer-conversion, as well as a bad user experience.

In a complex scenario with a large number of devices, operating systems and configurations, the testing phase is crucial and often costly and time-consuming.  

How to guarantee the final quality of applications, sites and online services and maximize business opportunities, optimizing costs and time to market? 

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  • how much impact a bug has on a product;
  • the 4 advantages of correcting bugs with crowdtesting;
  • how crowdtesting reveals functional and usability bugs;
  • how the crowdtesting community works
    what are the 15 most harmful bugs

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