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How digital products change with crowdtesting

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What you need to know (and start doing now) to boost your website's conversion rate 

High bounce rate, shopping cart abandonment, bad reviews and too many requests get to your customer service.

If you are an eCommerce Manager, a Product Owner of an app or a Marketing Manager in a b2c company, you probably face the same struggles every day: hooking and conquering your (potential) customer and leading him/ her to complete the purchase. 


How can you build a tailored and high-quality digital interaction that makes the customer fall in love with your app or website?

How can you satisfy his/her needs or meet his/her expectations to boost your conversion rate? 

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You will see:

  • what the latest data say and get an updated identikit of your digital customer 
  • how to obtain a User Experience that inspires trust and safety 
  • the 4 pillars to boost the conversion rate 
  • what are and how to solve the most common sales tools' critical points 
  • how crowdtesting works and its advantages