Case Study: Bug Hunting & Customer Feedback

We tested Pirelli CYCL-e around

I would say "insightful". Tests of this kind not only give the perception of IF the product "works", but also of HOW to make it work better.

Saverio Campisi, Digital Product Manager


CYCL-e around is Pirelli's e-bike rent service.  It was initially only available to luxury hotels, but it was now opened to the consumer market. Our testers executed all the steps of the process:

  • booking,
  • use of the e-bike,
  • return,
  • unlock,
  • use of lockers,
  • payment,
  • etc.
Our testers identified any critical bugs, but, more importantly, they provided advice and suggestions to improve the usability of the service.


Download the case study to see the results! >>


Download the Case Study