Agile Usability Test

It takes two days to optimise a prototype thanks to feedback from its real users


Learn how to gain insights directly from your users

Banco BPM's team asked UNGUESS to assess the quality of the interaction with digital document signing tool.
Before developing the "signature room" tool as a reserved area feature of the website, we involved real future users of the service to test the
smoothness of the experience.

What will you learn:

  • what is the Moderated Agile Test (MAT) perfected by Banco BPM's UX/UI team,
    and how it has enabled us to identify the problems and needs of users in real time
  • how to put users, clients, customers, and consumer at the center of your digital solution
  • Monitor and increase users’ engagement, satisfaction and retention
  • how to reduce the costs necessary for the optimization of new digital products

Download the Case Study

“UNGUESS was chosen because of its extreme flexibility and ability to organise groups of testers at very short notice. In addition, it guarantees extremely precise and high-quality reporting, which is certainly useful in the final phase of the platform's development.”

“I would say "insightful". Tests of this kind not only give the perception of IF the product works, but also of HOW to make it work better.”

“The collaboration with UNGUESS allowed us to observe through a new external, concrete and vertical point of view. The insights generated gave rise to new priorities within the continuous optimisation process.”