Accessibility Testing

A not-accessible web: here’s the chances you miss out – and the people you are leaving behind

Web accessibility refers to the ability of Information Systems to deliver services and information that can be used, without discrimination, even by those who require assistive technology or special configurations due to disabilities. 

We are talking of people affected by neuro-psycho-motor impairments, which impact 15% of the world population. This means that all those digital products which are not to be considered accessible, won’t reach the 15% of people worldwide.  

Testing for Web Accessibility guarantees that everyone who requires assistive technology or special configurations can easily access products, services and information.

Download our white paper and find out more about: 

  • The WCAG 2.1 guidelines for a more accessible Web content.  
  • Advantages of more accessible digital products. 
  • Types of Accessibility Testing and Expert Review.
  • The best accessibility testing tools. 
  • Common issues and challenges.

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