Sky Glass TV

Find out how UNGUESS helped design
a seamless purchase and delivery
funnel for Sky's new connected TV

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Discover how we helped Sky Italia design a seamless buying experience for Sky Glass with a campaign involving 1000+ testers.

Through this project, Sky wanted to understand the users' perception of big household applications' buying process, especially TVs. We provided useful insights, involving a highly targeted audience with more than 1000 testers, thanks to in-depth surveys ran in just 3 days

It helped: 

  • assess the target audience fast;
  • offer the best products according to market needs;
  • get the competitive advantage of a quick product
  • launch faster which, in turn, resulted in cost savings 


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"Working with UNGUESS before the launch of our fantastic Sky Glass, allowed a stress-free release andensured a customer experience tailored to potentialnew customers’ expectations and the target market".