Customer Journey Benchmark

A unique solution by UNGUESS

Discover UNGUESS' innovative solution for a comprehensive customer journey map and learn how to put customers at the center of your business. 

Customers today can chose from a vast number of different services. To stand out from the crowd companies need to offer not only great services, but also the best and most unique experiences

UNGUESS knows this and developed an innovative customer journey mapping method that considers the competitors' maps to help businesses offer the best possible experiences to their consumers. 

Download our white paper to discover how to: 

  • Put customers at the center of your business and digital solutions
  • Monitor and increase users’ engagement, satisfaction and retention
  • Guarantee a quality customer experience to customers of the digital products and services
  • Increase sales and conversion rate of digital products
  • Improve the conversion rate of customers in the purchase or registration processes
  • Create loyalty and increase customer loyalty

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This is what Cristian Vaghi, Head of Customer Experience & Journey Design in Sky, had to say about UNGUESS' service:

"Based on my experience with you and your team, UNGUESS has helped us both with an easy to use technology and with a top quality crowd  to identify real deep insights in a fast and reliable way and to leverage your experience in UX optimization to bring value in the digitalization of our CX ecosystem."